« Solidare-it! connects people who need some help with people who can and want to help. This way we want to facilitate the exchange of solidarity. »

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Our project

We think that everybody can use some help once in a while. People in difficult situations, but also you and me. We also believe that we like to help each other. Especially with something you do with pleasure and on the moment you like. Moreover, we are convinced that in big cities for most of the needs there is someone near that wants and can help. But those two do not get into contact with each other.

Solidare-it! is an initiative launched by a group of committed citizens who believe that while awaiting structural political solutions, civilians can help each other in solving some urgent problems. Although people have never been more connected to each other through mobile telephones, social networks and all kinds of internet fora, we notice that our society is impregnated by individualism, competitiveness, and indifference.