Let's spread solidarity faster than the Corona virus

Most countries are taking drastic measures to prevent the further spread of the Corona virus. These measure have an important impact on everybody and ask a lot of our flexibility. Especially elderly or weakened people are at risk, but nobody is completely save. We all have to do our part and take our responsibility to make sure the spread of the virus is delayed or stopped. Keeping a "social distance" is one of the only and most effective measures (https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/)

More and more (vulnerable) people will need some help in the coming weeks. Think about elderly or sick people that cannot go to the supermarket, or take too much risk by doing so (for themselves or for others). Think about sick people who cannot cook for themselves. Think about pets that can't be walked anymore etc. At the same time, there are quite some young people that do not have to go to school and that can and want to help (there are a lot of scouts groups proposing to help). There are quite some initiatives popping up. This is hard warming to see.

Governments also realize that there is a big need for solidarity between neighours in these times of crisis. To support this, the Flemish government has committed in offering a free volunteer assurance to all civilians until 3th of April. The only thing you have to do is subscribe to www.vlaanderenvrijwilligt.be. The Flemisch government also launched the hashtag #Vlaanderenhelpt

Our Solidare-it! website can be a good tool to organise the help and solidarity between neighours. So our community can definitely keep on offering and asking help. Moreover, it is more needed in these times of crisis than ever. Just make sure to be very careful and take the necessary precautions (please consult www.info-coronavirus.be for official information and advice).

Please help us spread the message by sharing our link, talk about it, etc. The more people and neigbourhoods can use our tool to organise their solidarity, the better it will work. Let's make sure that solidarity spreads faster than the virus !!