Solidare-It! Update - Participative Workshops

Participative Workshops

One year ago we started with a participatory project in the neighbourhood of Anneessens (Brussels), supported by Brussels Participation. Since then, we have been working together with local habitants in search of ways to increase solidarity within the neighborhood. During the brainstorms, a lot of inspirational ideas were put forward. From this we conceived a list of needs and ideas that were threaded by a common theme, namely the desire of re-claiming public space to allow for everyday encounters between everyone.After a few weeks of design work, our designers of SPROUD-Lab came up with a portable park (taking inspiration from the urban parklet-craze), capable of creating a space of encounter and exchange wherever you place it. The design is made up by four interchangeable platforms, upon which chairs, tables and other compartments can be moved to fit different needs. Thus the design respond dynamically to what is needed at any given time.In short, we aimed to create a framework through space, encounters and exchange that would be able to facilitate solidarity within the neighbourhood, through connections and exchanges. Our next step is to infuse the platform with local identity and needs. In order to achieve this, we are currently focusing on participative workshops with the neighbourhood; inviting different groups of people to integrate their needs and desires in the design. Such as a corner for tea, a little spices garden hanging from the ceiling, robust musical instruments, etc.

The 28th of March we are organizing a free-for-all workshop at 16:30 at Buurtwinkel (Anneessensplein 13).

The coming weeks we will continue this design process together with the neighbourhood. Which will all come together on the 6th of May, when we are launching the project during an outdoor festival in collaboration with other organizations in Anneessens, centered on the theme of public space (details and an open invitation will follow soon).Till very soon!Solidare-it!