• 01_ Set up your profile
  • 02_ Indicate which help you need, or how you want to help
  • psst: You can also just look around to see what is
    available in your neighborhood
  • 03_ We look for a possible match
  • 04_ We send your offer or request to the right neighbors
  • 05_ Collect reactions and interact with interested neighbors
  • 06_ Meet each other for the actual exchange
  • 07_ Enjoy a nice moment
  • 08_ Evaluate the exchange and thank each other
Values and principles

Of course it’s free. People helping each other because we like to do so, and because we like to connect with our neighbors. Not even virtual money or counting hours. Completely free, and as much as you like!

We only want happy people. Therefor you should only help, react when you really feel like it. Help with something you like to do, on the moment you like.

A part from finding the help you need, we especially want to connect people. And to connect people we need someone who needs help and someone who offers help. Giving or asking help has the same value to us. We need both!

We don’t want you to have any obligation or a fixed engagement if you do not like to. The application is built to give you all the flexibility you need. This flexibility has to make sure that it stays fun.

Maybe you don’t want every offer or request to be visible to everybody, therefore you can perfectly choose to whom your offer or request are visible. We just want you not to hesitate to ask of give help. Sometimes a small limit is needed to reassure you.

Evaluations and online ecosystem.

Short tutorial movies

Normal user

Frequently asked questions

You can find help by posting your question on the website. Subscribe and press the “Ask help” button to ask for help.

Karma points show how active you are on the website. It’s a kind of currency for our gratitude. You can get Karma Points for as well offers as requests, exchanges as positive evaluations. We hope that you are proud on your Karma points, but apart from that there is nothing that you can do with them.

You can post everything related to free help and solidarity, as well goods as services.

No, but it is a nice way to thank someone for a nice exchange.

Groups allow you to make an offer or request only visible within a certain group, or for everybody except for a certain group of people. You can create as much groups as you want and populate them with whom you want.

If you follow someone, you are notified if this person posts something.

You can choose to whom your post is send by selecting a group or a radius. If you don’t, the post is send to all your close neighbours.

Go to “settings” and select “external email settings”. Here you can use exactly when you receive mails (e.g. once a day, once a week, etc.)

If something goes wrong, or if you want to do a suggestion, please click the “send feedback” button below each page.

Below each post there is a “send feedback” button. If you click on that button, we are notified, and will remove the inappropriate post.