When you create an account / a profile you share personal data with Solidare-it! (non profit organisation) We shall treat those data with confidentiality. Only your ‘username’ will be visible for other members of the website and not your real name. This will allow you to stay anonymous. Off course, the address and the picture that you use will be visible for other users. If an organisations registers, its website and telephone number will also be visible (if mentioned).

Apart from that you can chose yourself what data you make public on the website. We suggest to only share the information you wish to make public. Note that there are various ways to communicate on a personal level with other users in such way that the content of the communication is not visible for other users (e.g. an answer on a post, internal mail system).

Solidare-it! VZW (non profit organisation), Pierre Verscheldenstraat 17, 1090 Jette, processes your data only in order to manage the platform and to make it work.

You give permission to Solidare-it! to read the messages of your account in case of complaints, irregularities, illegality, deception or fraud.

Solidare-it! only shares your data with processors who process data by its order. You have the right to look into your data and to correct them. The processing of your personal data should be notified to the Privay Commission, unless the law provides an exemption of this obligation. The Privacy Commission is located in 1000 Brussels, Drukpersstraat 35, www.privacycommission.be.

If you have questions regarding the privacy or if you want your data to be deleted, please contact Solidare-it vzw (non profit organisation) by info@solidare-it.org