Solidare-it! Terms & conditions

Solidare-it! offers a platform that facilitates the exchange of solidarity & help amongst people and between people & organisations and that connects people from various population groups in reality.

On Solidare-it! you can post a request for help or an offer to help. You will quickly find a match with an offer or a request in your neighbourhood.

With Solidare-it! giving help, exchanging solidarity and voluteering becomes easier, more flexible, more direct and more fun!

Below you find the rules of the game you should follow using the rules describe your rights and obligations. We advise you to read them carefully and to save them.

You can use the platform of Solidare-it! from the age of 18. To register, you create an account. Hereby you guarantee that you are who you say you to be; in other words you only register correct and complete data and you keep your data up to date in case of changes. Than you chose a safe and personal password. When you think that someone has been using your account illegally, you change your password as soon as possible and you inform us.

You carry the responsibilty for the information you deliver, for the actions you take and for the actions you accept form others. Just as in real life, you are careful and accurate in the engagements you take on / you accept and in the actions you take.

As you request / offer help, make sure you give all information the other party needs to be able to respond to your request / offer.

Solidare-it! is about requesting and offering help to others in your neighbourhood and this on a volunteer basis. You are not allowed to offer / request services in exchange for money or any other kind of payment. In the same way, it is not allowed to request / offer things that are not consistent with the spirit of Solidare-it!

Solidare-it! is purely based on solidarity and has no commercial character. If you would see any commercial advert or any sign of commercial character, please do inform us immediately by using the button foreseen. We will remove it immediately. If we get the impression that your actions have a commercial character, we are allowed to stop your adverts and/or to remove your account.

The communication on Solidare-it! goes as in real life; you communicate in a respectful, polite and correct way. The information you give is always correct and complete. You do not make yourself guilty to: rude or threatening language, intimidation or discrimination. Solidare-it! can intervene in public messages and / or remove them if they are indecent or illegal. If there are complaints or in case of fraud, deception, irregularities or illegality, Solidare-it! will be able to read private messages. You will be informed here off.

You can always contact Solidare-it! in case of problems, we will help you where we can. But we are not legally responsible for damage as a consequence of (no-) exchange of help. Solidare-it! only offers the platform for requests and offers to help, we are not involved in the actual exchange of help and don’t have any control over this part. If a (no-) exchange of help would lead damage to yourself or your owning, you will have to direct yourself to the person who has caused the damage. In any case the responsibility of Solidare-it! is limited to 10 EUR for the total damage, as far as permitted under the valid justice and nevertheless the responsibility….

We want to draw your attention to the fact that some requests for help are better treated by professional organisations. In that view we invite you to phrase every request / offer in the spirit of Solidare-it! For any other request / offer it is better to address yourself to a professional organisation.

If you think that your rights are violated or that there is any abuse, push the button ‘report abuse’ on the website and report this immediately.

Every suggestion to improve this tool / our activity is welcome. We are always open for improvement!

Because Solidare-it! is still very young and new, our website and the terms & conditions might change form time to time. Off course, we will inform you in time on any changes to give you time to decide whether you agree with the adaptions. You can decide yourself whether you want to remove your account if you do not agree with the adaptions or whether you decide to accept the adaptions made.

The invalidity of one of one clause of these terms & conditions, will not change the validity of the others clauses.

Last but not least: Solidare-it! respects your privacy (see our privacy statement).